Progress on Dancing Bears

This is a painting that I have been working on for quite a while, and it is coming to completion. It has gone through my transformations. The painting was originally a maquette for a mural. However, as soon as I got off the plane the client told me he wanted to scrap the idea of dancing bears, and do clouds. Okaaayyy… Although, I agreed with his decision, and the final mural was quite breathtaking it still threw me for a loop, and I needed to start all over. It also left us with a 3′X 4′ painting that was not going where we needed it to go. So, I decided to cover the painting in gold leaf, and start over. I kept seeing a winter scene, but a golden sky, and gold undulating through the whole painting. So here it is. Enjoy!


Victor Yamshikov

So, I’m going to try to post information and pictures of artists that are inspiring me in my recent projects. Right now I am working on my first winter scene. It’s not based in reality, but there has to be structure and logic to it. So I’m thinking an impressionist style would be suitable for the landscape. I came across this artist and I really love the energy of his strokes, and the substance he gives his subjects. He is a contemporary of the Impressionist Movement, but I think he captures the feel of the Impressionists perfectly.




A brief biography

I have been a professional artist in many fields for over 13 years. I remember at the age of five making the decision that I wanted to be an artist. I took many figure drawing, still life, and painting classes at a young age. I received my Bachelors in Fine Art in Painting, and my Associates in Illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. A couple of months after I graduated I had the opportunity to work as a scenic artist at GeVA theater. This experience opened a new and exciting world to me, and I was well suited for the fast pace, and versatile environment. After a year working at GeVA, I moved to Montgomery, Alabama to work at the award-winning Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Again, my world was opened up even more to so many new skills and techniques. I took those skills and used them to start working in commercial and residential places in the area. I was commissioned to do murals, faux finishes, and even created furniture pieces to look aged and distressed.
The turning point came in my life when my first son, Quillan was born. I had to make a decision between the theater, or my decorative painting business. I bravely decided to go with my decorative painting business, and SLC Decorative Painting was born. Shortly after, my husband, my new baby boy and I decided to move to Louisville, Kentucky. I was well received already starting out working with the top designers in the area. The ball started rolling from there. I have been absolutely blessed by the opportunities people have given me, and I am grateful every day to love what I do, and do what I love.


Welcome to my blog! As I am quite new at this, and still developing my site I am excited to have this venue to share my thoughts and ideas with you. I am working on some interesting, and exciting projects that I will try to keep you updated on. I am also thinking of finding fine artists that have inspired me, or that can teach us a lesson. Whether it be technical or otherwise. Tuesday, my dear friend, Beth, is going to assist me in setting this up, so it will be a lot more personalized and interesting. So hope you come to visit again soon!


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