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Twenty years of experience in fine art, decorative art, sign painting, murals, scenic art, decorative finishes, and trompe l’oeil. I have worked in private homes, commercial buildings, and in the public art sector.

Artists have painted nature and animals since the cave paintings at Lascaux, France. Those early renderings are documents of time: season by season, lifetime by lifetime, they are the first recorded history; but over the ages of time artists moved away from sociology and began capturing the complex beauty of other species as a means of expressing a reverence for nature. Art was also used to recognize the divine, and the natural world was often where they found it.

These paintings by Sabra Crockett are well-observed studies of specific birds, but they are placed in specific, idiosyncratic visual context for the purpose of conjuring a spiritual connection. The artist explains:

“My goal is to be a mechanism for shifting people’s awareness towards nature. I believe that we have become disassociated with nature, therefore becoming disassociated with ourselves. There seems to be a vacuous spiritual sense in our society. Religion has become a sense of identity, rather than a transcendent self-discovery, and tuning into the higher self. Personally, connecting with nature has always been my way of connecting to the divine. Now I feel that our beautiful parks, wildlife, and habitats are being threatened even more. It feels like an assault these days. So I focus on imagery for people to create a connection with our natural world in hopes there will be a connection within themselves.”

- Written by  Keith Waits  April 12, 2017 for  LVA  Artebella Vignette



1/17 Recipient of Great Meadows Foundation Professional Development Grant


05/18 Participant at SALON 2018 Leeuwarden, Netherlands

03/18 Lecturer at The Little Loomhouse to discuss New Cut Rd Mural

11/17 Participant in Cressman Center Juried show for OSW Louisville, KY

09/17 Completion of 150′ long X 12′ high exterior mural in partnership with Councilwoman

Welch, and Center for Neighborhoods PAINT project Louisville, KY

05/17 Dragon King’s Daughter solo show Louisville, KY

04/17 Participant at SALON 2017 NYC, New York

03/17 Participant at Gridworks Revisited, Lexington KY

03/17 Downtown Pilates solo show Louisville, KY

12/16 Great Flood Brewing Company solo show Louisville, KY

12/16 Participant in holiday show at Downtown Pilates Louisville, KY

12/16 PA for State Farm commercial Evansville, IN

11/16 Participant in Art Sanctuary tenant show Louisville, KY

11/16 Scenic for Clovehitch movie Louisville, KY

11/16 Scenic artist workshop for Bellarmine theater students for 44 Plays for 44 Presidents

10/16 Participant in LVA Unmasked show Louisville, KY

7-8/16 Painter for Frazier Historical Museum Louisville, KY

6/16- Decorative Artist for Picnic Cafe Anchorage, KY

2/16- 5/16- Interim Scenic Charge at Actors Theater Louisville, KY

11/15 Scenic artist for Bellarmine theater student workshop for Amahl and the Nightwatchers

2015- Decorative Artist for Le Moo Restaurant Louisville, KY

2015- Gallopalooza Horse “ Fleur De Copper”

2014- I Am, I Can, I Will, I Dream Tree

Position- Artist

Duties included- Organization of workshops, setting up meetings with the Parkland community members, design, and construction of the Center for Neighborhoods PAINT project in the Parkland community in Louisville, KY. This was in collaboration with another local artist. The public art project reflected the hopes, and accomplishments of the Parkland community, an under-served neighborhood in Louisville, KY. The tree was made of re-purposed and recycled materials. We worked with 8 different educational institutions, and organizations in the neighborhood.

We created “leaves” for the tree that were decorated by the community members. The goal was to give the community members a voice, and a reminder of who they are and what they can be. The tree was dedicated in June of 2014, and is placed in the Parkland Community Garden.

2014- Completion of mural in the Bon Air neighborhood on a federal underpass in Louisville, KY that is approximately 174 feet long X 14 feet high.

Position- Charge Artist

Duties included- Painting, lay out, volunteer management, vendor management, implementing a health and safety plan, budget, communicating with Federal, State, and Metro officials to make sure mural was completed within guidelines of all government bodies.

The mural was dedicated in September of 2014.

2013-2015 Scenic Charge for Stage One Family Theater Louisville, KY

2013 Scenic Artist for the Snowy Owl exhibit at the Louisville Zoo Louisville, KY

2003- 2015 Scenic Artist over-hire for Actors Theater Louisville, KY

1997- 2003 Scenic Artist for Alabama Shakespeare Festival Montgomery , AL

1996- 1997 Scenic Artist for GeVA Theater Rochester, NY


3/17 became Gallery Director at Art Sanctuary Gallery

duties include: booking artists for monthly exhibits, hanging and taking down shows, curating shows, recording exhibits and sales.

8/14 Started an Internship program in collaboration with KYCAD

duties include: teaching students skills about painting, scenic art, mural art, decorative painting, teaching students about time management, project management, and project budgeting.


Acrylic painting, pastels, watercolor, rendering, silk painting, scale drawing, human portraiture, animal portraiture, landscapes, perspective, trompe l’oeil, faux bois, faux marbre, drop painting, plaster techniques, mural work, sign painting, gilding, scenic painting, foam carving, book cover design, time management, creating budgets, project management, Photoshop


1996 BFA Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY

Some past clients and employers include:

Frazier History Museum
Le Moo
Jefferson Development Group
Calhoun Construction
Louisville Zoo
Bon Air Neighborhood Association
Actors Theatre
Stage One Family Theatre
Alabama Shakespeare Festival
GeVa Theatre
Lee W. Robinson

Gallopalooza 2015
N Focus September 2015
Courier Journal 2014


Murals, Ornamental and Fine Art